dear beloved black woman

The sun rises on the just and the unjust alike. Because we are all equal. The heavens will open for the wicked before the righteous. It’s all about love. Hopefully some day we will learn to tolerate, accept and forgive those that are different. Change through love. But is that change prevalent, is love enough, is justice enough for the scares many have suffered at the hands of the wicked? Pertinent questions that will not be answered. Answers many seek.

Love is many things, but it is not hurt. Sadly, that is the opposite of it. Love is beautiful, as it is kind and soft. No other emotion will ever equate the same as the feeling of being loved unconditionally. The happiness that comes with it, the security one gets, the amount of care you receive from another human being is paralysing. Almost unreal. Happiness through love. Love through happiness.

I write about love because I am still coming to terms with my own emotions, be it jealousy, regret, disappointment or hurt. See how I elaborated with all the negative emotions? But, that is exactly what happens, the aftermath of love. One if not all those adjectives will be used in sentences to describe the emotion one feels when a partner or significant other hurts them. You are not only demeaning and breaking a person’s emotional capacity but you are also abusing that person. You are capable of love but choose to instil fear and hurt to assert your superiority over another person. Because your masculinity is ever so fragile. Your nature is to use and abuse, to fill some need of association, affirmation from society, who already have a demented way of normalising things.
We live in a world where women are used by men for their amusement. A woman who sleeps in the same bed as a man must sleep with the man. A woman who shares the same room with a man must be sexually and inappropriately idolised in order to be one of the boys. Only, for her, in turn, to do it to other women whilst with the boys.
Human beings are sexual creatures by nature. Devourers of the flesh seems to be the only thing many chase. There are different reasons and excuses for such, we are not going to get into that. Carnal pleasures have plagued the black man so much they feel entitled to the black woman and her body. The idea that a woman belongs to a man, who can do whatever he wants with her, without her consent, for pleasure or pain. The black woman still faces the same atrocities she fought so hard against all these years. I asked a few friends about their knowledge of consent. Most knew what it meant, but given different scenarios, very few knew that their no means no. under no circumstance are they to change their answer to please a man or anybody else for that matter. If at any point a woman feels uncomfortable with regard to what is happening around her she should have the power to decline any further actions and be allowed to leave without being asked absurd questions.
No man is entitled to a black woman. No man has authority or power over a black woman and her body. No man is entitled to “punish” a woman for their sexual orientation. As much as this should be common knowledge, as much as there are clear incidents of right and wrong, these notions are not being obeyed. Men are getting away with raping women to teach them a lesson.
Our women are unprotected, they are not safe, there are not many safe spaces for women to feel completely comfortable in. this is the world that the man has created for his beloved woman. The fight for equality goes way further than gender equality in the workplace and in households, the fight is at societal level. Has society developed enough to allow women the same power and authority as they do to men? Can women rule nations, can they rule tribes and be seen as tribal leaders in our different cultural groups?
Women, I salute you, your fight for equality is arduous, it is never ending, but the fight is ours to partake in. as much as we can celebrate how far you have come, we still have a long way to go in emancipating the ideologies colonisation has placed upon you. To those who strive and prosper through the adversities I salute you. I love you, dearly beloved.

Signed: Black Metaphor (Lesego Pasha)

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